Heavy-duty precision CNC plasma cutting for large, thick plate applications 

The power-kut is manufactured to machine tool standards and is built for maximum precision, repeatability, flexibility, durability and longevity. Using the latest precision drive systems for high-speed, high-accuracy, heavy-duty plasma cutting.




  • Designed for larger & thicker plate cutting

  • Gantry-style bridge with independent table and frame

  • Modular design for extended lengths

  • Water or down draft tank / table

  • Multiple plasma heads or oxy-fuel torches

  • robo-kut and tube-kut optional

The power-kut gantry-style cutting system with independent table and motion system. Widths up to 6 meters and virtually limitless lengths. Delivers ISO range 2 cut quality. Enables X-Definition plasma system tehnolgies with advance 3D robotic bevel system. 

  • Gantry with rails for work area 2.5 m x 6 m. 

  • CNC EdgeConnect CNC with TrueShape nesting.

  • HMI with 19" touchscreen.

  • Sensor THC

  • 24 month warranty.

  • Do not include:

  • Plasma systems.

  • 5-axis robotic bevel head.

  • OPF-P extraction filter unit.

  • Down draft table 

  • Airpol air compressor.

  • CAM software.

  • Installation & training.


  • +/- 0.15mm uz 100mm accuracy of motion

  • 25000mm travel speed

  • Standard width m: 4; 4,5; 5; 5,5; 6

  • Lengths m: 6; 12; 24; 58; and more


  • Hypertherm “Hy-Definition” HPR

  • Hypertherm “X-Definition” XPR

  • Hypertherm straight torch or robo-kut 5-axis bevel

  • Hypertherm Auto Gas Control Console


  • Direct pinion loading to rack (no forced engagement)

  • Oversized wheel bearings and long wheel base

  • Laser pointer for plate alignment and position finding

  • Magnetic breakaway torch

  • X-axis dual synchronized vertical rack & pinion drive

  • X-axis heavy-duty crane rail

  • Y-axis helical rack & pinion drive system

  • Z-axis Hypertherm Sensor™ Advanced THC


Download the IPT power-kut PDF brochure and presentation


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  • Hypertherm SureCut™ technology enabled

  • Hypertherm Edge Connect™ CNC Controller

  • Hypertherm ProNest™ Software

  • 19” Color Touch Screen Console

  • CNC controller free-standing or gantry mounted



Download SureCut™ PDF brochure

What Is SureCut™?

Only IPT Cutting Systems is full-process SureCut™ functional.Is your plasma cutting system SureCut™?

SureCut™ technology maximizes performance by providing embedded expertise through a combination of tools that includes plasma power supplies, CNC and CAM software.

SureCut™ Benefits

  • Automatically applies optimized cutting parameters, to simplify cutting and reduce operator intervention

  • Easy set up improves job efficiency

  • Provides access to Remote Help™ and troubleshooting which reduces downtime

  • Works across multiple cutting technologies

SureCut™ Hardware Requirements

  • Hypertherm HPR® or XPR® Plasma Power Supply

  • Hypertherm Auto Gas Console Control System

  • Hypertherm Edge Connect™ CNC Controller

  • Hypertherm THC Sensor™ Torch Height Control

  • SureCut™ enabled and True Hole® enabled Cutting Table

SureCut™ Software Requirements

  • Hypertherm ProNest™ 2017

  • Advanced Plasma Machine Post Processor (True Hole® requirement)

  • Hypertherm Automatic Nesting

  • ProNest™ Collision Avoidance Module (Rapid Part™ requirement)

  • ProNest™ Annual Software Subscription

Note: All SureCut™ technologies and benefits are only achievable on SureCut™ enabled and True Hole® enabled cutting tables like the master-kut, and power-kut.

The SureCut™ Suite of Tools Includes

  • Heavy-duty, fully welded, 20mm thick steel “truck” structure provides superior rigidity and stability

  • All mounting surfaces machined in ONE SET-UP for premium accuracy and precision

  • Uses a LH and RH “truck” with each welded frame structure consisting of a drive motor, coupler, reducer and pinion with dual bearing units for front and rear alignment

  • “trucks” are completely enclosed with removable cover panels for easy maintenance

  • Heavy-Duty Crane Rail is precision machined, and then mounted to H-Beam Supports with cleats for the entire length of machine

  • Rail is mounted with precise adjustability both up/down and left/right

  • Rack is mounted to underside of precision machined rail for best protection from harsh environment

  • Pinion is precision located and mated to rail without need for spring or pneumatic load, thus providing highest accuracy and minimizing wear

  • Brass wiper blade to clear debris from rail surface

  • Modular rail extensions can extend length in 4 m sections, and is essentially limitless

  • Heavy-duty Y-axis machined Bridge Beam allows accurate and precise movement and rigidity

  • Steel weldment machined frame

  • Dual Precision Guide Rails mounted on top surface of bridge

  • The rack is “tucked under” rail for protection

  • Heat protection shields, under the bridge, are designed to prevent high temp damage to bridge and components

  • Standard lengths in 12 m increments from 4 m wide to 6 m wide

  • Y-axis bridge is mounting area for CNC controller console, auto gas control system, cat track and z-axis lifter carriages

  • Available extra length accommodates additional torches

  • Optional available mounting of additional plasma or oxy-fuel torches

  • Optional additional mounting robo-kut Bevel Head

  • AKS robo-kut

  • AKS tube-kut

  • oxy-fuel Torches

  • Table / Tank

  • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC Controller

  • X-Axis Crane Rail

  • X-Axis Vertical Rack & Pinion Drive

  • Y-Axis Helical Rack & Pinion Drive

  • H-Beams Support

  • Heavy-duty End Truck

  • Magnetic Breakaway Head

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