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SureCut™ is next step of evolution for the plasma cutting processing.

SureCut™ technology is delivered via multiple delivery methods that include Hypertherm systems, software, and IPT CNC plasma cutting machines.

IPT Cutting Systems is the manufacturer to offer SureCut™ technology as a Standard Feature on each of our plasma cutting machines.




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What Is SureCut™?

Only IPT Cutting Systems is full-process SureCut™ functional.Is your plasma cutting system SureCut™?

SureCut™ technology maximizes performance by providing embedded expertise through a combination of tools that includes plasma power supplies, CNC and CAM software.

SureCut™ Benefits

  • Automatically applies optimized cutting parameters, to simplify cutting and reduce operator intervention

  • Easy set up improves job efficiency

  • Provides access to Remote Help™ and troubleshooting which reduces downtime

  • Works across multiple cutting technologies

SureCut™ Hardware Requirements

  • Hypertherm HPR® or XPR® Plasma Power Supply

  • Hypertherm Auto Gas Console Control System

  • Hypertherm Edge Connect™ CNC Controller

  • Hypertherm THC Sensor™ Torch Height Control

  • SureCut™ enabled and True Hole® enabled Cutting Table

SureCut™ Software Requirements

  • Hypertherm ProNest™ 2017

  • Advanced Plasma Machine Post Processor (True Hole® requirement)

  • Hypertherm Automatic Nesting

  • ProNest™ Collision Avoidance Module (Rapid Part™ requirement)

  • ProNest™ Annual Software Subscription

Note: All SureCut™ technologies and benefits are only achievable on SureCut™ enabled and True Hole® enabled cutting tables like the master-kut, and power-kut.

The SureCut™ Suite of Tools Includes

XPR TrueHole®
HPR TrueBevel™

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